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Title: Neverland

Audience: Youth

Language: Japanese

Per book size: 17.2 x 11.2 x 1.4 cm

Age 15 and up





作者:出水 ぽすか  (著),白井 カイウ  (原著)


出版社: 集英社 (2016/12/2)

言語: 日本語

ISBN-13: 978-4088808727

商品尺寸: 17.2 x 11.2 x 1.4 cm/册





開始された人間達による反乱。決起したGPの子供達が一歩ずつ鬼を追い詰める。戦闘が続く中、エマは目の前の強敵·レウウィスと静かに言葉を交わし…!? 永遠の子供達よ、絶望に立ち向かえ! 衝撃の脱獄ファンタジー!!


白井 カイウ






A group of carefree children living in orphanages one day discovered an amazing fact that the happy scene around them is actually a sinister hell.

The rumor that it can be adopted when it grows to twelve years old is actually being sold as a farmed hog. The so-called wall not to be turned over is because the outside is the executioner's kitchen.

When the children learned the cruel truth and their partners were sold as monsters one by one, the fierce escape was about to unfold.

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Shirai Kaiu

Japanese manga artist and manga author.

After graduating from university, I got a job at a general company but retired. Aspiring to become a professional manga artist, I started posting manga.

In 2015, he made his professional debut as the original author of the read-only work "Ashley = Gate Whereabouts" (Drawing Rickey) on the online manga site "Shonen Jump +" (Shueisha). Also, in February 2016, we teamed up with Posuka Izumi, who was in charge of drawing, and announced "Popy's Wishes", the second read-only work on the site.

After that, a series of works was created based on what was written in the amateur era, and "Promise Neverland" (Drawing Posuka Izumi) is being serialized from "Weekly Shonen Jump" 2016 No. 35.

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