Andersen's Fairy Tales Illustrated by Kuri Chinese Book for Children/Kids/ Adults Simplified Chinese Characters Hardcover

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About this book:

This book includes 35 classic fairy tales of Andersen.
Famous children's literature writer and translator Ma Jiakai be invited  to translate this book  , and his translation is smooth and beautiful
The selected fairy tales are retained in full, and keep all original details .
Illustrator Kuri drew 83 beautiful illustrations for it .

Product information:

Name :Andersen's Fairy Tales

Age Range: 7+

Publisher: Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House(Oct ,2018)

Hardcover: 322 pages

Language: Simplified Chinese 

Format: 32

ISBN:  9787548932505                  

Product size: 23.4 x 19.2 x 2.5cm/9.2x 7.6 x 15 in

1 The Little Mermaid
2The Princess on The Pea
3 The Wild Swans
4 The Ugly Ducking
5 The Little Match Girl
6 The Tinder Box
7 The Metal Pig
8 The Steadfast Tin Soldier
9 The Buckwheat

10 The Old Street Lamp

11 The Money Pig
12 What The Old Man Does Is Always Right
13 The Shadow
14 The Emperor's New Clothes
15 The Storks
16 Clumsy Hans
17 Little Ida's Flowers
18 The Teapot
19 She Was Good for Nothing
20 The Flying Trunk
21 The Nightingale
22 The Swineherd
23 Thumbelina
24 The Snow Queen

25 The Flea and the Professor 

26The Pen man
27 Little Claus and Big Claus
28 The Gardener and The Noble Family
29 The Snail and The Rose bush
30 The ResShoes
31 Luck May Lie In A Pin
32The Storm Shifts The Signboards
33 Keep Secret But Not Forgotten
34 Children's Prattle
35 The Elder-Tree Mother






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