Chinese Acupuncture and Fighting Secret Skills Qigong Shaolin Wushu Fitness Kungfu Sport Book True Biography of Martial Arts

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The way of martial arts is the return of the combination of martial arts and traditional Chinese culture. Among many Chinese culture, martial arts culture is an overall cultural system that integrates self-cultivation and inspiration, practical fighting, art appreciation and health preservation. With a scientific and objective writing style, the manuscript shows the arduous process required for the practice of traditional martial arts.
“True Biography of Martial Arts: The Cultivation History of Kung Fu” is the experience of the author Pan Shuangxi who has practiced martial arts for nearly 30 years, and tells the martial arts feelings of martial arts people through personal experience.
“The True Biography of Martial Arts: The Cultivation History of Kung Fu” is divided into four chapters, expounding all aspects of traditional martial arts practice from four aspects: inheritance of practical learning, cultivation of true gong, Dao of Dacheng, and successful boxing.

Table of contents

Diyi Chapter Inheritance of Practical Learning
The poor and the rich – not just empty words
The head of martial arts – the head of the boxing school
The authenticity of boxing – teach you to identify the real boxing
Masters and Masters – Masters from Masters
Jianghu jargon – the spring point in the martial arts school
True Inheritance of Secret Art – The Persistent Pursuit of Wulin People
Virtue and martial arts–The character of boxing looks at virtue
Submit a post to a teacher – the diyi rules of learning boxing in ancient times

Chapter 2 Cultivating True Gong
Kung fu is unpretentious – practice boxing requires practice
Gongfa routines – the mother-child relationship that must be known when learning boxing
Inside and outside the family – the relationship between the inside and outside of the family
Fighting in actual combat – the soul of the survival and development of the boxing faction
Health preservation and longevity – the life-saving king of boxing practitioners
Revealing the Secrets of Strength – Winding and Twisting
The Secret of Boxing – The Secret Art Formed in Brush and Ink
Fighting between dragons and tigers – practicing the zhongji way of vertical and horizontal integration
There is a way in the art – the art of self-cultivation in the unity of martial arts

Chapter 3 The Way to Great Success
Heaven, Earth and People: The Way of Yin and Yang in Martial Arts Culture
Long Spear Avenue – The Secret Technique of Dantian Gong
The bouncing legs are invisible – the health secret of low-leg kicking
Plum Blossom Plumbing Technique – The Wisdom of Five Petals
Boxing is born from the heart – the way of health preservation of Liuhe Xinyi target
Xingyi Bagua – Theoretical basis leading to the Wuxue Dao
Tolerance is great – a must-have mentality for a warrior
The Soul Returns to the Martial Arts–The spiritual destination of martial arts practitioners
Righteousness and Righteousness – The True Way of Boxing Cultivation

Chapter Four
Pictograms – Detailed Explanation of the Eight Vajra Forms
Rules and circles – the eight-style routine practice of King Kong
Igniting Fire and Returning to Yuanyuan – Receiving Power
Postscript Turn the gun into a fist – where heroes are useful
Postscript to Martial Arts, Carrying the Spirit of National Art
Attached to Pan Shuangxi Shaolin Boxing School Inheritance Context

about the author

Pan Shuangxi, Chinese Wushu 6th Duan, Senior Chinese Wushu Coach, Chinese Wushu Duan System Examiner and Instructor, Member of Chinese Wushu Association, Member of Xuzhou Wushu Association, Champion of World Traditional Wushu Championship. Inherited from the lineage of Shaolin Temple monk instructor Shi Degen, and passed it on to Master Zhu Tianxi (Dharma Name: Shi Xingzhen), the representative of the famous Shaolin Boxing School. From 1996 to 2001, he studied in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduation, he engaged in the research work of combining Chinese Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine. Since 2003, he has published more than 100 articles in a series of professional publications such as “Wudang”, “Jingwu”, “Chinese Wushu”, “Boxing and Fighting”, “Shaolin and Taiji”, “Chinese Kung Fu” and other professional publications. The monographs “The Secret Biography of Shaolin Liuhegong Health Care and Fighting”, “Spirit of Martial Arts – The Secret Book of Shaolin Boxing” and “Ancient Shaolin Fighting Boxing” have created a new chapter in Shaolin health preservation.
For more than ten years, while studying the overall culture of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts and medicine, and at the same time, he has learned from things. communication and development




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