Chinese Made Easy Book 1. Third Edition Textbook English&Simplified Chinese Version for Beginners Publishing Date :2014-07-01

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About the Third Edition of the "Chinese Made Easy" :

The third edition of the "Chinese Made Easy" is written for primary 5 or 6 students and secondary school and university students who are learning Chinese as a foreign/second language.

The primary goal of the 3rd series is to help students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through natural and graduate integration of language, content and culture. The simultaneous development of listening, speaking, reading and writing is especially emphasized. This aim is to help students develop skills to communicate in Chinese in authentic contexts and express their viewpoint appropriately, precisely, logically and coherently.

The 3rd edition consists of seven books and in two stages. The first stage consists of books 1 through 4 (the textbook and the workbook are separate), and the second stage consists of books 5 through 7 (the textbook and the workbook are combined)..

This series is also designed for young students taking exams such as SATⅡ, IGCSE, IB, HSK, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own. Here is a table for reference:

Books 1-3

IGCSE Foreign Language(UK)

Books 1-4

HSK Levels1-4(China)

Books 1-5

IGCSE Second Language(UK), HSK Levels1-5(China),AP(US),SAT(US)

Books 6-7

HSK Level 6(China), IB BS Level, IB BH Level


This series will introduce approximately 1800 characters.(Eesy Steps to Chinese Vol.1-8 includes approximately

1600 characters)

The textbook and workbook areseparate for books1-4, and are combined for books5-7.

The course features:

A wide variety of texts and practice materials

Up-date topics relevant to young students' lives

Careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills

Clearly focused goals and each unit

Practical tasks and activities to practice using the language

Regular consolidation and reinforcement of learning

Language materials presented in a fun and interesting way

Clear and colorful page design

Both simplified and traditional Chinese script in the vocabulary list


Topics explored in the series:

Personal introduction
Appearance and personality
School subjects and facilities
Social relationships
Food and health
Entertainment and tourism
Communication and media
Customs, traditions and festivals
Global issues
Chinese geography and history

About the authors:

Ms. Yamin Ma has an M.Ed. in Curriculum Design and Development from Queen's University, Canada.

Ms. Xinying Li holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Both authors have teaching experience in China and abroad, and are currently teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong.

About the speakers:

Ms. Xiaomeng Shang has a Masters Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). She has taught in International Chinese Language & Culture Center at Tsinghua University, College of Intensive Chinese Training at BLCU, as well as Peking University CSI program and Columbia University CIB program. She also participated in compiling textbooks such as Writing Exercises for HSK etc.

The series includes :



Teacher’s book 

Word cards 

Picture cards

Additional exercises

Digital resources

Audio recordings of new words, texts, rhymes and listening exercises are available for download from the publisher’s website.

Introduction about "Chinese Made Easy" for Chinese teachers to read :

About this book:

Topic of Book 1:

Numbers; Months and Dates; Time; Name,Family members;Appearance;Nationality;Language; Jobs; Transportation ; Address;

Greeting:Daily routines; Clothes; Extra-Curricular activities

Product informations:

Publisher: Joint Publishing (Hong Kong)Co.Ltd.


Publication Date:2014-07-01


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