Life Experiences book The 1 Great Your Emergency Brake

Life Experiences book The 1 Great Your Emergency Brake

In Arin Halicki’s book, Your Emergency Brake: Powerfully Shift the Direction of Your Career and Life, she takes an unexpected but also refreshing, incisive, and practical look at what to do when you’ve taken everything you can handle and you’re about to go down in flames. This book can teach us lots of life experiences and is based on the author’s life experiences. These are the types of situations where having an emergency brake might be useful. In reality, we have the ability to apply the emergency brake in the majority of instances, but doing so has implications. Arin teaches us how to pull it off with thinking and preparation so that we can gracefully transition into the next chapter of our lives or careers.

Arin is well-versed in the subject matter of her writing. She has re-imagined her life and work on a number of occasions. She has written this book in order to help people avoid the unpleasant mistakes she made, as well as to provide ideas on how to pull the brakes successfully in a variety of situations.

One of Arin’s most significant life changes was her decision to leave corporate America and pursue a career as an entrepreneur. She attempted to start a business from the bottom up, believing that her academic credentials, work experiences, life experiences, and personal connections would lead to success. What she discovered instead was that what really important was who she was being as she went through the process of business.

At the end of the day, she realized that she needed to align with her feelings rather than only concentrating on her exterior world. It was also from this experience and similar life experiences that she learned to do things her way rather than the way others expected her to do them. As a result, she has grown to appreciate the importance of defining our own life experiences, and in the process, she has discovered how our lives and occupations may be transformed into adventures filled with confidence in ourselves. After all, is said and done, we learn to have a stronger relationship with ourselves and to prioritize being our true selves above all else, rather than settling for just continually doing, as our culture too often encourages us to do.

In the words of Arin, “our ultimate goal as humans is to experience more joy than fear or anxiety.” take the lessons of our life experiences and work according to them. Readers of her book are expected to wake up each day knowing exactly who they are on the inside and believing that everything will be okay.

Your Emergency Brake is all about how to achieve that state of balance and joy, and it is a process that Arin leads us through step by step. She draws on her years of life experiences as a Kundalini yoga instructor to demonstrate how yoga is about unity, and she utilizes this as a metaphor for integrating and harmonizing all aspects of our being as individuals. She also bravely shares her own faulty coping mechanisms, as well as how she developed better ones, as well as the overall significance of controlling our nerve systems in order to maintain our own well-being.

Perhaps Arin’s most important point is that we must learn to accept things that we may initially consider to be incomprehensible or objectionable. Essentially, she is arguing that things do not happen “to” us, but rather “for” us. It may take some time for us to comprehend and embrace her point of view, but she believes that everything happens for a reason. She explains it with the use of the metaphor of a pearl. The oyster considers a grain of sand to be a nuisance that must be removed, but in the process, it produces a magnificent pearl of exceptional beauty. A similar thing can be said for situations that may initially appear to be less than ideal for us; in the end, we may learn that they contain the lesson we most desperately needed in order to become our finest selves. The bottom line is that we must let go of our death grip on our expected or wanted outcomes and be open to the possibility of something different. It also entails enabling fear to become our “best friend forever.”

Finally, it is about comprehending that if we find ourselves in a crisis situation where we believe we need to use our emergency brake, it is not really an emergency but rather an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. “If you are pulling your brake, it signifies that the Universe is beckoning you forward to achieve your full potential, not only what others expect you to do for them,” Arin explains. It is time to be genuine to yourself rather than to others. “We were born to be human, not to do human,” Arin explains further. This book helps us learning and how to deal with various adverse life experiences and also good life experiences too.

I appreciate Arin’s explanation of how pulling your emergency brake can allow you to change directions without colliding. If you get the impression that you require an emergency brake for your life, I believe you will find it in this volume.


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