Moby Whale Illustrated hard Cover 3DPop-up Dick A pop-up book from Herman Meyer's Novel English Original novel

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Author:Gerard Lo Monaco (Author), Joelle Jolivet (Illustrationauthor’s)

Press: Chronicle Books (2019Years5Month1Day)



Language: English

Businesses Coding: 9781452173849

Product Size: 19.4 x 3.5 x 29.5 cm

In time for the 200th anniversary of author Herman Meille’s birth, this graphically arresting, beautifully rendered pop-up reling of Moby-Dick is a wonder to behold. Rich linocut artworks portray ten key chronological moments from the story in shadowbox-style pop-ups that reward time spent poring over the details and offer fresh perspectives on the classic. Each spread is accompanied by select quotations from the book, while brief page notes provide additional context for the depicted plot moments. With striking typography presented in an authentic broadsheet style, here is an adventure in book craft and storyling.

It Happens That Writer Herman•Meille(Herman Meille)Birth200Anniversary,This Book Is Vivid and Realistic,Eye-Catching,Rendering the Beautiful Pop-up Book ls a New Story《Beluga》The Story,It Is an Amazing Miracle..The Linen Linoleum Relief Illustration of This Book Is Colorful,It Describes Ten Important Moments Arranged in Chronological Order in the Book.,Three-Dimensional Paper Carving Art Style,These Three-dimensional Pages Allow Readers to Immerse Themsees in Elaborate Details.,and Provide a New Perspective for Interpreting Classics.Each Page in the Book Contains References《Beluga》Selected Quotations,Short Page Annotations Can Add Additional Context to These Depicted Plot Moments..The Striking Format of the Book Is Presented in the Form of a Real Large Opening Book.,This Is an Adventure Expressed in the Form of Book Craft and Story ling..




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