Poetry The Artistry Of Life


Sue Ellen Newman paints a beautiful picture for her readers in this her first publication “Poetry The Artistry of Life”. You will find beautiful poems page after page. From this book you will find poems displaying nature-love- life- and death.

Words of encouragement, comfort and strength remains on the heart of the reader as they travel with Sue Ellen on her beautiful artistry of life. I found myself on a tranquil island as I read through the book poem by poem. I was captured by the sea as I read ” Dead Man’s Chest”. I was captivated by the echo of the old captains slang as I read through the poem line by line.

Sue Ellen comforts her reader’s heart as she shares with them “Heaven Is Where You Will Be” and “Am I Mum”? I know for sure many will be able to identify with the writer here and receive the message of assurance as they continue to read the words painted upon these beautiful poems.

Her love for nature is also echoed through the different Haiku’s and other poems found amongst the pages of this book. You will enjoy ‘Aqua Waters” and “A Void”, just to name a few.

Colors of the seasons are penned well throughout the book also. Sue Ellen a new writer to this era has captured my heart in this book. From romance to the outdoors you can see it all here. Her voice of eloquence rings out as you read and ponder upon what the writer is saying. Your imagination will soar to a new height as you journey with Sue Ellen Newman.

Sue Ellen Newman certainly does have a story to tell. What better way than through the artistry of poetry. From the day she said, “I Do”, till this present moment you will see her life. You will also see how she not only writes for herself but to encourage others. “He’s The Man” was written for a young marine to brighten his day.

The Love for her Savior Sue Ellen Imparts in poetry and song. This is a journey that will stay on the heart of the reader as they travel gracefully with Sue Ellen page by page.

With beautiful graphics done by Daveda Gruber it certainly does enhance the beauty of the poetry in this book. An awesome book cover also done to give you a preview of what’s inside. A great book to share with family and friends. I certainly did enjoy the poetry from beginning to end.


Source by Mary Harring-Duhart

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