The Bridge of the Gods (ANNOTATED) / A Romance of Indian Oregon. 19th Edition (ANNOTATED)


The Bridge of the Gods (ANNOTATED) / A Romance of Indian Oregon. 19th Edition (ANNOTATED)

It is the annotated version of this eBook. We had annotated it by adding 40% to 60% Long and Comprehensive Summary in the end of this book in Red Font. Here is the Brief Description of the eBook. The Bridges of the Gods is a novel written by Frederic Homer Balch, first published in 1890. Set in the Pacific Northwest, this captivating story takes readers on a journey through time and explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the clash of cultures. Summary: The story begins with the arrival of white settlers in the land of the Native American tribes along the Columbia River. The main protagonist, Marion, is a young woman who falls in love with a Native American warrior named Wauna. Their love is tested as they face opposition from both their own communities and the changing world around them. As tensions rise between the settlers and the Native Americans, the bridges that connect their cultures become symbolic of the conflicts that arise. The bridges are not only physical structures but also metaphorical representations of the connections between different ways of life. Balch skillfully weaves together the stories of Marion, Wauna, and the bridges, creating a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. Throughout the novel, Balch explores the clash of cultures and the challenges faced by individuals caught between two worlds. Marion, torn between her love for Wauna and her loyalty to her own people, must navigate the complexities of identity and belonging. Balch delves into the themes of prejudice, discrimination, and the impact of colonization on indigenous communities. Reviews: 1. “The Bridges of the Gods is a beautifully written novel that transports readers to a time and place filled with both beauty and turmoil. Balch’s vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling make this book a must-read for anyone interested in the history and culture of the Pacific Northwest.” – Jane, Goodreads 2. “I was captivated by the characters and their struggles in The Bridges of the Gods. Balch’s ability to bring the landscape to life and explore the complexities of love and loyalty is truly remarkable. This novel is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition.” – John, Amazon 3. “The Bridges of the Gods is a thought-provoking novel that sheds light on the often-overlooked history of the Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Balch’s storytelling is both powerful and sensitive, and he does an excellent job of portraying the complexities of cultural clashes and the impact they have on individuals.” – Sarah, BookBub 4. “I was drawn into the world of The Bridges of the Gods from the very first page. Balch’s writing is poetic and evocative, and he creates a sense of place that is both enchanting and haunting. This book is a true masterpiece that deserves a place on every reader’s bookshelf.” – Michael, Barnes & Noble In conclusion, The Bridges of the Gods by Frederic Homer Balch is a captivating novel that explores the themes of love, sacrifice, and the clash of cultures. Balch’s vivid storytelling and rich descriptions make this book a compelling read for anyone interested in historical fiction and the complexities of human relationships. Whether you are drawn to the Pacific Northwest or simply enjoy well-crafted narratives, this novel is sure to leave a lasting impression. Note: – We are giving this annotated version of the book at Extremely high discount as a promotional activity.


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