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The Cave Girl (Annotated)


The Cave Girl (Annotated)

It is the annotated version of this eBook. We had annotated it by adding 40% to 60% Long and Comprehensive Summary in the end of this book in Red Font. Here is the Brief Description of the eBook. Imagine being transported back in time to the prehistoric era, where humans lived in caves and survival was a daily struggle. This is the fascinating world that Edgar Rice Burroughs takes us into with his novel, “The Cave Girl”. In this full summary, we will delve into the captivating story of a modern man’s encounter with a primitive cave girl, exploring the themes of love, survival, and the clash of civilizations.

Introduction to the Story

The novel begins with the introduction of Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones, a young man from the modern world who finds himself stranded on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. As he explores the island, he stumbles upon a hidden cave and discovers a young woman named Nadara, who is a member of a primitive tribe.

The Clash of Civilizations

Waldo, being from a modern society, is initially shocked and bewildered by the primitive lifestyle of Nadara’s tribe. He struggles to communicate with them, as they speak a language that he cannot understand. However, as time passes, Waldo begins to adapt to their way of life and learns to communicate with them through gestures and actions. Through Waldo’s interactions with Nadara and her tribe, Burroughs explores the clash of civilizations. He highlights the stark differences between the modern world and the prehistoric era, emphasizing the advancements in technology, knowledge, and social structure that have occurred over the centuries.

A Journey of Survival

As Waldo spends more time with Nadara and her tribe, he becomes entangled in their struggles for survival. The tribe faces constant threats from rival tribes, dangerous animals, and the harsh environment. Waldo’s modern knowledge and skills become invaluable in helping the tribe overcome these challenges. Waldo’s resourcefulness and ingenuity are tested as he uses his knowledge of fire-making, hunting techniques, and tool-making to protect and provide for Nadara’s tribe. In doing so, he gains their trust and respect, and a deep bond develops between him and Nadara.

The Power of Love

As the story progresses, Waldo and Nadara’s relationship evolves from mere survival companions to something deeper. They navigate the complexities of their different worlds and find solace in each other’s company. Their love transcends the barriers of time and culture, proving that human connection can overcome any obstacle.

The Return to Civilization

After spending a considerable amount of time with Nadara’s tribe, Waldo begins to yearn for his former life in the modern world. He realizes that he cannot stay in the prehistoric era forever and must find a way to return home. With the help of a passing ship, Waldo and Nadara make their way back to civilization. However, their return is not without challenges. Waldo must reintegrate into society and face the judgment and disbelief of those who hear his incredible story.


“The Cave Girl” is a captivating novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey into the prehistoric era. Through the eyes of Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones, we witness the clash of civilizations, the power of love, and the resilience of the human spirit. Edgar Rice Burroughs masterfully weaves a tale that explores the complexities of human nature and the universal desire for connection and belonging. “The Cave Girl” is a timeless story that reminds us of the strength and adaptability of the human race, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Note: – We are giving this annotated version of the book at Extremely high discount as a promotional activity.


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