Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Book Reviews


For those of you who are very interested in the deliverance ministry where you have to face demons head on in spiritual warfare, here is a list of some of the best books in the Body of Christ today on this most important topic.

All of these authors are true pioneers in this field and you can learn very much from their experiences which have occurred on the actual battlefields where our Lord does truly battle Satan and his demonic horde for all of our souls.

1. “Defeating Dark Angels” by Charles H. Kraft

For those of you who are looking for very good, practical. step-by-step knowledge on how to deliver people from demonic spirits – this book, in my opinion, is one of the best ever written on this topic. The Bible tells us to cast out demons, but it does not tell us exactly how to do it.

This man is a real pioneer in this field and he has now provided the Body of Christ with an incredible amount of knowledge and revelation in this area. He covers everything from how demons are allowed to attach to some people – to how to find and break their legal rights so that you can then successfully cast them out. This book will go down as a classic on this subject if it not already is. On a scale of 1-10, this book is a solid 10. For those of you are looking to enter into a real deliverance ministry for the Lord, I would highly recommend that you add this book to your arsenal.

2. “Healing Through Deliverance – Volumes 1 & 2: The Practice of Deliverance Ministry” by Peter Horrobin

Another very good thorough and complete analysis on the deliverance ministry. The above author Charles Kraft gives his highest endorsement on these 2 books. Vol. 1 deals with the biblical basis for being able to have a deliverance ministry from the Lord. This author goes into very good detail on the earthly ministry that Jesus walked with and how Jesus has specifically commissioned His Body to cast out demons as He Himself did. This first volume will give you all of the biblical grounds and authority we have as believers to actually engage with demons when we have to.

Vol. 2 goes into the actual specifics on how to actually cast demons out of people. He covers all of the major basic legal rights demons will use to come in on people and how to break those legal rights so that you can actually deliver people from their death grips. Again, one of the best books ever written on this subject! I would highly recommend these two books as companions to the book from Charles Kraft “Defeating Dark Angels.”

3. “Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare” by Bob Larson

Bob Larson is another real pioneer in the field of deliverance. I have personally seen this man in action myself and he is the real thing. He is highly anointed and very knowledgeable in this area.

This book is 481 pages in length and covers many of the areas of the occult which are drawing people into the realm of Satan and his demons like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. He goes into very good detail in the areas of spiritual warfare and ends the book with how to actually perform a deliverance.

4. “How to Cast Out Demons: A Guide to the Basics” by Doris Wagner

This is another very good book that gives you a good step-by-step process on to deliver people from demons. Doris is very thorough and very complete in her explanations on how to do an actual deliverance and is also another real pioneer in this field. She has learned much from the Lord as she has stepped out into this area. She too covers many of the legal rights that demons will use to attach themselves to people and she gives very specific instructions on how to actually break their legal rights so that you can really set people free from grip and influence.

One of the things I really like in this book is that she gives you a very good checklist and questionnaire to use when questioning people about their past. You have to find out how the demons have been able to get in on someone in the first place, and with the checklist and questionnaire she provides, you will have a much better chance of finding out exactly what that legal right may be that is allowing that demon to stay attached to that person and continue to torment and attack them. Again – just another very good solid book on this topic.

5. “Pigs in the Parlor” by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

This book is already considered a classic by many today in the area of deliverance from demons. This book was written back in 1973 and many deliverance ministers today have read and studied from this husband and wife team. These two were some of the earlier pioneers in this field and there is a lot of practical and step-by-step knowledge on how to actual deliver people from demons.

With this being one of the first books ever written on this subject, I would also highly recommend this book for anyone who is really wanting to learn how to do all of this. They share their wealth of knowledge in this area with you and there is much information from some of the cases they were actually involved in. This is real live information and knowledge direct from the actual battlefield itself.

6. “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” by John Paul Jackson

This book may be one of the best ever written on the jezebel spirit. This particular spirit specializes in infiltrating the different Churches – and every pastor and deliverance minister needs to know what this spirit is and exactly how it operates and how it likes to set up shop to do its thing. Many churches have been totally ruined and destroyed as a result of this deadly spirit operating through some of the actual members of their churches.

This book will give you some incredible examples of how this spirit can attach to certain people and how it can then influence these people to try and destroy the leadership within the church. Many pastors have lost their entire ministries as a result of not knowing how this deadly spirit can operate from within their own ranks. This is an absolute must read for every pastor and church leader.

7. “The Power of the Blood” by Maxwell Whyte

This was the very first book that opened up my eyes to the power of pleading the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection. This is just a small 92 page paperback book – but the information in this book is mind-blowing. This man gives real life examples on how he learned how to plead the Blood of Jesus, the biblical grounds we have to be able to use it, and some of the dramatic miracles he actually experienced in his own ministry once he started to do it.

There are not very many good books on how to actually plead the blood of Jesus – so I would highly and strongly recommend that you add this book to your arsenal if you want really more knowledge on this subject. This book, in my opinion, will go down as one of the classics on this topic even though it is only 92 pages long.

8. “The Blood and the Glory” by Billye Brim

This is book #2 that I would highly recommend for those of you who want to learn more about how to plead the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection in your own personal life. This woman gives some powerful examples in her own life how pleading the blood of Jesus actually help to save some of her own families member’s lives. She also goes into the Scriptural grounds we have to be able to use the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection.

This woman went into a major seeking mode with the Lord on this issue once she first found out about it. You will learn much from the insight and knowledge she was able to gain on this topic. Again, with there not being many good books on this particular subject matter, I would highly recommend that you add this book to your God-library if you really want to learn more about it.

9. “The Word, the Name, the Blood” by Joyce Meyer

The third book I would highly recommend on this topic is the book that Joyce Meyer herself has written on this topic. She too found about the power of pleading the blood of Jesus in her own personal life and how powerful of a weapon it really is in the hands of a true Spirit-filled believer.

She also goes into the power that is in the name of Jesus and the power that is in the Word of God itself. This is also a very good basic 101 spiritual warfare book to add to your arsenal if you really want to learn how to become a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

I personally believe that Joyce Meyer is one of the best teachers we have in the Body of Christ today and you cannot go wrong with all of the books she has written to-date.

Though deliverance isn’t talked about much in today’s churches, over 25% of Jesus’ miracles were some form of deliverance. I consider these books to be the very best on the subject of spiritual warfare.


Source by Mike Bradley