The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls (Existence – Consciousness – Bliss)

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Physics of ConsciousnessPhysics of Consciousness

A Fresh Approach to Understanding the True Nature of the World

Understanding consciousness is achieved through understanding the unity of fundamental physical laws and all forms of life, whether mineral, plant, animal or human.

Physics of Consciousness CoverPhysics of Consciousness Cover

The Connection of Our Consciousness with the Quantum Field and all Natural Forms

Experiments have confirmed the connection between our consciousness and the action of the quantum field.

Many have mistakenly thought the quantum field to be ultra-small, and that it can only be inferred indirectly on the basis of the interaction of subatomic particles in accelerators.

Others have long held the quantum field to be akasha or ether. That is, it is space itself, a field in which everything else exists, the whole of nature. It is also our consciousness, our Self.

The space of our soul is currently manifesting as everything that exists. We are in everything; everything is in us. There is no division.

Physics of Consciousness - image 2Physics of Consciousness - image 2

Discovering the Soul’s Consciousness Through the Description of Nature

Our soul’s consciousness contains all the dimensions of nature, all its phenomena and all life.

Our Soul is the very space in which all of nature resides.

Are you ready for such a radical answer to the question “Who am I?“

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