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50+ eBooks on Internet Marketing with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

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100+ eBooks on Self-help with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

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30000+ Fiction and Nonfiction eBooks with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

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325000+ ebooks with bonuses

325000+ eBooks on 500+ Genres with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

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You don't need to download anything to enjoy reading your favorite books whenever you like. However, you are sure to be able to store your eBooks on your mobile devices.

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Every week, thousands of brand-new books are added to cater to readers of all genres and interests. Remove the hassle of trying to find anything new to read.

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eBooks Preview

Here are some of the Topics covered

Take a look at some of the most read books and genres. You will undoubtedly find thousands of books that fit your criteria, covering everything from history to arithmetic to poetry to nature and animals.


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9 Million PLR Articles

This is a huge and incredible content of 10 Gigabyte Data. Which comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) License. It can help you to take your Business to a next level.


Benefits of Private Label Rights

  • [YES] Can be sold.
  • [YES] Can be used for personal use.
  • [YES Can be packaged with other product.
  • [YES] Can modify/change the sales letter.
  • [YES] Can be added into paid membership websites.
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  • [YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
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Some Uses of Private Label Rights Articles

  1. Blogging: You can publish PLR articles on your blog to provide valuable content to your readers. 

  2. Content Marketing: PLR articles can be used as a starting point for creating content for your content marketing efforts. You can modify and adapt the articles to suit your brand, target audience, and specific marketing goals.

  3. Email Newsletters: PLR articles can serve as a basis for creating informative and engaging newsletters to share with your email subscribers. Customize the content to align with your brand and add your own insights and commentary.

  4. E-books and Reports: You can compile several PLR articles on a specific topic and create an e-book or report to offer as a freebie or to sell. 

  5. Social Media: Extract key points or interesting snippets from PLR articles to create social media posts. You can share useful tips, quotes, or questions to spark engagement and drive traffic to your website or blog.

  6. Online Courses: PLR articles can be used as reference material or as a foundation for developing content for online courses. Customize and expand on the information to create comprehensive and unique educational resources.

  7. Lead Magnets: Create downloadable resources such as cheat sheets, checklists, or templates using PLR articles. Customize them to align with your branding and make them valuable for your audience, serving as lead magnets to attract subscribers or potential customers.


Bonus 2

HD Stock Videos Bundle

The cost of HD stock videos ranges from $150 to $300. Using this huge variety of HD stock videos and backgrounds, create professional videos of studio caliber.

Some Uses of HD Stock Videos Bundle

HD stock videos that are royalty-free can be used in various projects. Here are some common platforms and contexts where you can utilize them:

  1. Websites: You can use HD stock videos on your website as background visuals, promotional content, or to enhance the overall user experience.

  2. Social media: HD stock videos are great for creating engaging content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They can be used in posts, stories, ads, or as cover videos.

  3. YouTube and other video sharing platforms: Incorporating HD stock videos into your YouTube videos or other video sharing platforms can enhance the production value and visual appeal of your content.

  4. Presentations and slideshows: HD stock videos can be used in professional presentations, educational slideshows, or as visual aids during conferences or seminars.

  5. Films and documentaries: Independent filmmakers or documentary creators can utilize HD stock videos to enhance their storytelling, provide establishing shots, or supplement their own footage.

  6. Television and broadcasting: HD stock videos can be used in television shows, commercials, or news broadcasts to enhance visual storytelling or provide additional footage.

  7. Mobile applications: If you’re developing a mobile app, incorporating HD stock videos can add a visually captivating element to your user interface or provide instructional or promotional content.

Bonus 3

Royalty Free Music Tracks

Stop wasting time and money searching for music tracks you enjoy and paying exorbitant costs. Enjoy your time or spice up any video with this royalty-free music library to get explosive effects!


Some Uses of Royalty Free Music Tracks

Royalty-free music can be used in a variety of settings and projects. Here are some common examples:

  1. Personal projects: You can use royalty-free music for personal videos, slideshows, or podcasts that you create for non-commercial purposes.

  2. YouTube videos: Many content creators use royalty-free music as background music in their YouTube videos. It provides a legal way to enhance the audio without infringing on copyright.

  3. Podcasts: Royalty-free music can be used as intro/outro music or background music for podcasts, giving them a professional touch.

  4. Online videos and commercials: If you create online advertisements, promotional videos, or other commercial content, you can utilize royalty-free music to enhance the audio without worrying about copyright issues.

  5. Presentations: Royalty-free music can add interest and engagement to presentations, whether they are for educational, corporate, or personal purposes.

  6. Websites and apps: You can use royalty-free music as background music or sound effects in websites or mobile applications, enhancing the user experience.

  7. Films and documentaries: Independent filmmakers or documentary creators often utilize royalty-free music to complement their visual storytelling.


Bonus 4

Royalty Free Stock Images

Stop wasting time and money searching for outstanding photographs and paying exorbitant prices. Enjoy your time by using these free photographs, or get the most money by including them in videos or websites.

Some Uses of Royalty Free Stock Images

Royalty-free stock images can be used in various contexts and platforms, including:

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  3. Presentations: Use royalty-free stock images in your PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, or other presentation software to enhance visual appeal and support your content.

  4. Marketing materials: Include royalty-free stock images in your brochures, flyers, posters, advertisements, banners, or other marketing collateral to attract attention and engage your audience.

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  8. Videos and multimedia projects: Incorporate royalty-free stock images in video productions, slideshows, multimedia presentations, or video editing projects to enhance visual storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

325000+ eBooks and Other Bonuses are hosted on external server and those books are protected with moderate security and you can download easily.

After Payment you will automatically redirected to the Page where the link of the eBooks, Bonuses and Reseller Certificate is given. and you can download all in just one click.

If you still face any problem just email us on our team will help provide you 325000+ eBooks, Bonuses and Reseller Certificate at your given email address within 24-72 hours.


Yes, You will get the Same Discount and Bonuses Whether you purchase ₹ 19 eBooks or ₹ 247 eBooks. Discount and Bonuses are same on all the offers. On short offers too you can get benefit of actual offer discount as well as Bonuses.

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Yes, You can access it anytime.

We can’t guarantee so please get it as soon as possible


Absolutely ! We are here to help you ! Please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. For prompt response please attach your order number and address the problem clearly, thanks.

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Our Other Offers

internet marketing

50+ eBooks on Internet Marketing with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹10000 ₹24

90+ eBooks on Money with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹20000 ₹34

100+ eBooks on Business with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹20000 ₹39


100+ eBooks on Self-help with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹20000 ₹39

30000+ Fiction and Nonfiction eBooks with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹100000 ₹124

325000+ ebooks with bonuses

325000+ eBooks on 500+ Genres with Bonuses and Reseller Rights

₹500000 ₹247

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